RBOC Supporting Bill Revising Penalties for Minor Violations

RBOC is supporting SB 1162 [Berryhill] that would appropriately reclassify minor boating-related violations from misdemeanors to infractions.

RBOC supports the provisions in SB 1162 that would revise the existing law that provides misdemeanor penalties for several minor violations of boating and waterways rules.

Many common violations of the Harbors and Navigation Code related to the blue light law, skiing without an observer, skiing after sunset, and others are classified as misdemeanors.

These violations do not rise to the level of misdemeanor criminality and enforcing them as such stresses the existing resources of law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts.

SB 1162 would appropriately reclassify these boating-related violations as infractions, similar to Vehicle Code violations, and would allow them be heard and adjudicated in traffic courts.