Advocating In The State Capitol


RBOC has been protecting your boating interests since 1968 as the nonprofit advocacy organization that works to protect and enhance the interests of the state's recreational boaters before state and local government.

RBOC engages in advocacy efforts on legislation and regulations, supporting proposals that would enhance recreational boating, and opposing proposals that would have a detrimental impact on the state’s three million boating enthusiasts. 

The organization’s advocacy efforts include testimony in public hearings, meetings with elected officials, preparation of amendments to alleviate potential problems with specific bills, as well as the sponsorship of pro-active legislation to benefit the recreational boater.

RBOC also works closely in partnership with Boat U.S. on federal legislative and regulatory issues important to boaters.

The Organization is Engaged on Several Legislative and Regulatory Issues

Visit the Issues section of this site for more information on the several state, regional and national issues in which RBOC is engaged on behalf of the state's recreational boaters.


Advocacy Since 1968

Back in 1965 several concerned boaters in Northern California led by Ward Cleaveland formed an organization they called Boat Owners Associated Together, Inc. By connecting with like-minded boaters, commodores of yacht clubs, and others, the organization incorporated as a statewide group in 1968 — hence our 46th anniversary.

In 1971 these boaters hired a professional legislative attorney, Jerry Desmond, who provided guidance and knowledge as the group waded through the many bills that were affecting recreational boating.

The large east coast marine associated organization The Boat Owners Associated Together, Inc.’s name seemed to cause some confusion here on the West Coast. So the West Coast group decided to change their name in 1982 to reflect their efforts and became Recreational Boaters of California — RBOC!


As BoatU.S. grew and became a more nationally recognized organization and a presence in California, both organizations realized they could benefit one another, and so a cooperative working agreement was reached in 1992. RBOC would provide important information and efforts on California boating legislation to BoatU.S., and BoatU.S. would provide RBOC with information and as it actively engaged on federal legislative issues. A great partnership has evolved between the organizations.

RBOC Today?

RBOC is a non-profit government advocacy organization led by 19 volunteer boating officers and directors from all over the state. They work with lawmakers to inform them of California boaters’ needs and to advocate boater positions on legislation and regulations.

These directors, along with Jerry Desmond, Jr. who joined his father’s firm to become Desmond & Desmond, professional lobbyists in the Capitol, work to promote recreational boaters’ interests, protect boaters from restrictive or adverse laws, and enhance boating opportunities.

RBOC does this by reviewing all proposed laws that affect boaters, writing beneficial laws, opposing bad laws, and keeping the government from taking boaters’ tax dollars for non-boating reasons.

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