Since 1968, RBOC has lobbied on behalf of California boaters as laws and regulations have targeted boating and any matter that would increase boating cost.

We work in partnership with the respected boater organization BoatUS as it lobbies on behalf of boaters on federal issues, and we provide counsel and advice on regional issues important to local boaters.


Following is a brief overview of some of the key issues and activities in which RBOC has been engaged during the past ten years:

Boating Access

RBOC continues to oppose proposals that would restrict recreational boating and fishing on California's coast, the Delta, its lakes and waterways and to mitigate legislative and environmental restrictions.

Boater Education

RBOC advocates for operator safety education and testing, with lifetime certification rather than licensing.

Copper Anti-Fouling Paint

RBOC continues our efforts to preserve and enhance water quality with the application of sound science. RBOC participates proactively on local, state and national committees as part of our direct involvement in proposed legislation and regulations.

Department Of Boating & Waterways [DBW] - A Division Of Parks & Recreation

RBOC continues its efforts to ensure boaters’ fuel tax dollars and registration fees are dedicated to boating safety and education programs, infrastructure financing programs, law enforcement financing programs, and maintaining the intrinsic value of the DBW Commission.

The Environment

RBOC remains involved in all legislative attempts to restrict recreational boating, lobbying to ensure the application of sound science and advocating for clean, healthy waterways.

Invasive Aquatic Species

RBOC continues to find cooperative approaches with the state’s efforts to prevent and eradicate invasive species infestations.

Marinas & Permits

RBOC works with agencies and commissions to mitigate restrictive measures, and supports acceptable standards and permits; along with boater access improvements and DBW infrastructure financing.


RBOC supports boater safety, education and development of life-saving standards.

Following The Money $$$

RBOC continues its involvement against attempts to increase fees and taxes on boating and boaters, by insuring increases are justified and necessary. We preserved boat registration fees at reasonable levels [they would be $200 or more each year if the bill had passed!].

We are also working to assure that boater fuel taxes are being used for services, programs and facilities of direct benefit to boaters.

Abandoned Vessels

RBOC proposed legislation resulting in a Stakeholder Taskforce to clear waterways of abandoned vessels and continues its efforts to provide incentives for the Boat-Turn in program.
RBOC is involved in every facet of state legislation and local regulations that may affect recreational boating.
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