Senate Fiscal Committee Places BUI Expansion Measure "On Suspense"

The Senate Appropriations Committee today placed SB 1247 [Gaines] "on suspense" until it determines whether there is sufficient state monies to cover the projected state costs associated with its implementation.

SB 1247 is the measure that would expand the ability of a peace officer, who lawfully arrests a person for boating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs [BUI], to request that the arrested person submit to a chemical test.

The bill would extend this authority to persons operating any vessel, rather than mechanically-propelled vessels.

Today, the bill was placed “on suspense” as anticipated due to the projected state fiscal impact: “Unknown, potential state incarceration costs for longer commitments to state prisons for persons found guilty of BUI while doing an act forbidden by law that causes bodily injury to another."

The committee will decide just prior to the Memorial Day Weekend whether this and the numerous other measures placed on suspense will pass through the Appropriations Committee an on to the Floor for consideration.