RBOC Directors Lobby 2018 Boating Issues in State Capitol

The 18-member RBOC board of directors visited their state Senators and Assembly Members on February 21 during the association's annual legislative day in the State Capitol, advocating on a number of key issues directly impacting the state's boaters including boater funds, copper based anti-fouling paints, California WaterFix, boater rights aboard their vessels, search and rescue, chemicals in toilets, second home mortgage interest deductions, and several other key measures.

2018 boating issues lobbied in the Capitol included:

State Parks Transition Plan - As State Parks implements its Transition Plan, it is important that there is a Deputy Director of the Division of Boating and Waterways with the vision, leadership, authority, oversight, accountability and transparency to ensure that boating programs and services are continued and enhanced.  
Boater Funds Dedicated to Boater Programs  - Boater fuel tax dollars and registration fees should be dedicated to programs and services benefiting boaters. AB 128 [Ting], AB 1806 [Ting] Assembly Budget Committee, SB 839 [Mitchell] Senate Budget & Fiscal Review  

Boating and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta -  RBOC opposes the California WaterFix that would significantly impede navigation and harm Delta recreation.
Copper- based Anti-fouling Paints - California legislators are urged to contact the USEPA to request a long-delayed decision be made on the approval of the biotic ligand model for salt water, to assist in the development of site-specific findings for copper in the state’s impaired water bodies.
Second Home Mortgage Interest Deduction - RBOC is opposed to the proposed elimination of the second home mortgage interest deduction that would create another obstacle to boat purchases as an affordable and attractive option in today’s housing market. AB 71 [Chiu] – Assembly Inactive File
Boater Rights Aboard Their Vessels - Legislation aimed at preventing smoking in state parks should not prohibit boaters from deciding to smoke within the confines of their own private vessels.  AB 1097 [Levine] - Senate Desk, SB 835 & SB 836 [Glazer] – Senate Natural Resources & Water
Chemical Toilets on Boats - Any prohibition against the sale or use of a nonbiodegradable or toxic chemical in a vessel’s toilet should be predicated upon the availability of effective and affordable biodegradable chemicals for boaters. AB 852 [Caballero] - Senate Rules
Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation -  Boaters support the goal of promoting sustainable outdoor recreation as well as economic development and job growth within the outdoor recreation economy. AB 1918 [Garcia] – Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife
Impersonation of Search and Rescue Personnel -  RBOC supports the objectives of legislation that would prohibit false impersonation of a search and rescue unit or team. AB 1920 [Grayson] – Assembly Public Safety
Abandoned Vessels - Funding for important efforts the waterways of abandoned and derelict commercial vessels should appropriately focus on commercial as opposed to recreational boaters.  AB 2441 [Frazier] - Assembly Print
State Parks Merchandise Sales - State Parks boating-related merchandise should be dedicated to programs and services benefiting boaters. AB 2745 [Carrillo] - Assembly Print
Burglary of Vessels - Efforts to deter burglary of vessels would be enhanced by specifically prohibiting the entering of a locked vessel with the intent to commit larceny. SB 916 [Wiener] - Senate Public Safety

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