RBOC Directors Lobbying in State Capitol on Key Boater Issues

The members of the voluntary, 18-member RBOC Board of Directors are lobbying in the State Capitol today, meeting with their elected representatives and advocating boater interests on key issues of importance to boaters statewide.

Issues they are lobbying include:

Vessel Operator Certification

RBOC is working with the Division of Boating and Waterways as it prepares a new boat operator educational program that requires operators of boats powered by engines pass a state-approved course and obtain a certificate. 

A representative of RBOC is on the Technical Advisory Committee that held its initial meeting in March and is working to advise the Division as it implements the new program.

The requirement will begin to phase in over a seven-year period starting in 2018.

RBOC supported the legislation, SB 941 [Monning-DeSaulnier, Chapter 433, Statutes of 2014].

For a copy of that enacted measure: click here

Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund - Commercial Vessels

RBOC isopposing AB 2092 [Frazier] as introduced unless the bill is amended so that recreational boaters’ funds will not be used to rid the waterways of abandoned commercial vessels.

Boating Under the Influence - AB 1829 [Levine]

RBOC is supporting AB 1829 [Levine] that would clarify the boating under the influence law.

Copper-based Anti-fouling Surfaces

RBOC is working together with the respected national boater advocacy organization BoatUS, requesting that elected officials contact the USEPA and urge its approval of the Biotic Ligand Model [BLM] for the marine environment.

This will allow for accurate measurement of the copper’s effect on particular locations and provide regional water quality control boards [RWQCBs] with information to determine if bans on copper antifouling paints are needed to protect water quality.

Non-Native Aquatic Species

RBOC is supporting the dedicated efforts of the Division of Boating and Waterways to identify and commit the necessary resources to combat non-native aquatic species, and to develop and implement long-term strategies that can be more effective than past efforts.

Barriers to Navigation

RBOC seeks assurances that, as any changes are contemplated to further alter Delta navigable waterways, alternatives are identified and implemented that will best preserve and sustain recreational boat passage at each location.

Renewable Fuel Standard - Federal Legislation

RBOC is working together with the respected national boater advocacy organization BoatUS in support of S. 577, the "Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2015" which is authored by Senators Diane Feinstein and Pat Toomey.