RBOC-supported PFD Measure Proceeds to Governor

The Legislature today has sent to the Governor for his consideration RBOC-supported personal flotation device [PFD] legislation that will enhance safety on the state's waterways.

AB 638 authored by Assembly Member Jim Frazier [D-Oakley] would prohibit a person from operating a motorboat, sailboat, or vessel of any length unless every person on board under the age of 13 is wearing a PFD while the vessel is underway.

There are specific exceptions for children under the age of 13 who are in an enclosed cabin, are tethered to a sailboat, are engaged in emergency rescues, are participating in specified organized events, or are operating certain federally-regulated vessels.

The Assembly concurred in the Senate amendments this morning by a preliminary vote of 71 to 0. The bill previously passed the Senate on June 22 by a bipartisan 37 to 0 vote.