RBOC Supporting Legislation Addressing Marine Debris

RBOC is supporting AB 1323 [Frazier], legislation that would establish a new definition of marine debris in the Public Resources Code, and that would provide expedited procedures to remove worthless marine debris, as the bill was amended on April 6.

RBOC supports the key provisions of AB 1323 that would:

  • Define marine debris as a vessel or part of a vessel, including a derelict, wreck, hulk or part of any ship or other watercraft or dilapidated vessel, that is unseaworthy and not reasonably fit or capable of being made fit to be used as a means of transportation by water.
  • Provide an expedited procedure for marine debris that is floating, sunk, partially sunk, or beached in or on a public waterway, public beach, or on state tidelands or submerged lands, and that has no value or a value that does not exceed the cost of removal and disposal, to be removed and destroyed, or otherwise disposed of, by any state, county, city, or other public entity having jurisdiction over its location or having authority to remove marine debris or solid waste.
  • Establish a number of conditions for removal including posting and notification depending on whether or not there is discernible registration
  • Provide authority for immediate removal and disposal of marine debris that constitutes a public nuisance or a danger to navigation, health, safety, or the environment.
  • Authorize the costs incurred by a public entity for removal and disposal of marine debris to be recovered from an owner or any person or entity who placed or caused the marine debris to be in or on the public waterway, public beach, or state tidelands or submerged lands through any appropriate legal action in the courts of this state or by administrative action.