Vessel Operator Certification Bill Passes Legislature, Proceeds to Governor

The RBOC-supported SB 941 [Monning and DeSaulnier] has passed the State Legislature and now proceeds to California Governor Jerry Brown for his consideration.

The Senate today concurred in the Assembly amendments to the measure. The bill passed the Assembly on August 20.

SB 941 would require the Division of Boating and Waterways to issue a vessel operator card to individuals who have passed an approved examination. 

The requirement to obtain a vessel operator card would apply initially to operators 20 years of age or younger with a phased-in implementation date depending on the age of the individual. The seven-year phase-in would begin in 2018 and would eventually apply to everyone as of 2025. The requirement would apply to operators of vessels propelled by engines.

Importantly, online education such as the BoatUS Foundation course will be an option. The BoatUS Foundation course is available at: