Vessel Operation Certification Bill Presented in Appropriations Committee

RBOC testified in support of SB 941 [Monning, DeSaulnier] as Senator Bill Monning presented the bill to the Assembly Appropriations Committee on July 2.

The measure was placed "on suspense" due to the anticipated state costs. Measures placed on suspense will be taken up in mid-August.

The committee analysis provided the following:

  • To develop, implement and report on the new program will require two positions at a cost of $170,000 annually and an information technology position for up two years at $90,000 annually.
  • Based on the experience of Washington State, the DBW anticipates that up to 20% (estimate at about 250,000) of those required to complete the boater safety course will do so using a home study course option. At an estimate cost of $6 to print the home study course booklet, total costs would be $1.5 million over several years as the course requirement expands to more age groups until 2025.
  • The DBW anticipates that, as in other states, the division will contract with a private course provider who will collect a fee for the course and certification and remit a portion of the fee to the state sufficient to cover the department's start-up and operating costs.