Boaters' Opportunity to Comment - Trestle Across Mokelumne River

Boaters have the opportunity to provide comments on a temporary trestle Caltrans is proposing across the Mokelumne River prior to a January 23 deadline - for the referenced notice and information on submitting comments: click here.

From the USCG in transmitting the notice:

“Caltrans is proposing to erect a temporary trestle across the Mokelumne River, mile 22.9 at I-5 Bridges to facilitate the construction of a seismic retrofit project.  The temporary trestle is anticipated to be in place July to Oct 2019 and 2020.  

“Attached is a CG letter requesting comments from waterway users to determine if the temporary trestle meets the reasonable needs of navigation on the waterway during construction.”  

“Comments concerning this proposal are due NLT COB on January 23, 2019.”

Delta - Boaters Can Comment - USCG Notice re Mokelumne River [I-5] Dual Bridge Project

Boaters have the opportunity to provide comments to the United States Coast Guard regarding a proposed bridge modification project in the Delta. Following is the USCG's April 3 public notice:



The purpose of this notice is to solicit public comments on the proposed modification to the California Department of Transportation’s Mokelumne River (I-5) Dual Bridge, mile 22.9 over the Mokelumne River.  The General Bridge Act of 1946 requires approval of the location and plans for bridges over navigable waters of the United States, prior to commencing construction.  A Coast Guard Bridge Permit Amendment will be required for this project.

WATERWAY AND LOCATION:  Mokelumne River, mile 22.9, north of Stockton, on the San Joaquin County and Sacramento County line, California.  (N 38 15.292'  W 121 26.872')

Public Notice (11-146), dated April 3, 2018, is being published on the Coast Guard Navigation Website.  The public notice contains a detailed description of the proposed bridge modification project and includes location maps and bridge drawings with navigational clearances.  Interested parties may access Active Public Notices for Bridge Projects for the Eleventh Coast Guard District at the following web site  The public notice may also be obtained by calling the Eleventh Coast Guard District Bridge Office at (510) 437-3516, by writing to Commander (dpw), Eleventh Coast Guard District, Coast Guard Island, Bldg 50-2, Alameda, CA 94501-5100, by email at, or by facsimile at (510) 437-5836.

Mariners are requested to comment on the proposed modification project and navigational safety issues.  Interested parties are requested to express their views in writing.  Comments will be received for the record at the address given in Public Notice (11-146) through May 2, 2018.

Very Respectfully,


Chief, Bridge Section

Eleventh Coast Guard District

Commander (dpw)

Eleventh Coast Guard District

Coast Guard Island, BLDG 50-2

Alameda, CA  94501-5100