Boaters' Opportunity to Comment - Trestle Across Mokelumne River

Boaters have the opportunity to provide comments on a temporary trestle Caltrans is proposing across the Mokelumne River prior to a January 23 deadline - for the referenced notice and information on submitting comments: click here.

From the USCG in transmitting the notice:

“Caltrans is proposing to erect a temporary trestle across the Mokelumne River, mile 22.9 at I-5 Bridges to facilitate the construction of a seismic retrofit project.  The temporary trestle is anticipated to be in place July to Oct 2019 and 2020.  

“Attached is a CG letter requesting comments from waterway users to determine if the temporary trestle meets the reasonable needs of navigation on the waterway during construction.”  

“Comments concerning this proposal are due NLT COB on January 23, 2019.”