BoatU.S. Action Alert - Comment Now on EPA Ethanol Mandate

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking for comments on a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol that must be blended into the nation’s fuel supply for 2015 and 2016.  

If adopted, these proposed levels will require the use of a record amount of ethanol, forcing higher-level fuel blends (including E15 or 15% ethanol) into more gas stations.

Remember that most marine engines are built to only work with up to 10% ethanol and it is prohibited to use gas containing more than 10% ethanol in all marine engines.

Please take a moment to send a message NOW urging the EPA to lower the ethanol mandates to ensure an adequate supply of fuel that will work in your boat.


The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is the 2005 law that requires the blending of biofuels such as corn-ethanol into our gasoline. When written, it was assumed that America’s use of gasoline would continue to rise and therefore mandated escalating amounts of biofuels to be blended with our fuel. Since 2005, U.S. gasoline usage has actually dropped steadily and now the law forces more ethanol into fewer gallons of gasoline.

To keep up with this mandate, in 2010 the EPA permitted E15 (fuel containing up to 15% ethanol) into the marketplace, for some engines. E15 is prohibited from being used in marine engines, snowmobiles, motorcycles, small engines like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, as well as any vehicle made before 2001. In multiple studies, E15 has been proven to damage boat engines.

E15 and higher ethanol blends fuel can now be found in 24 states, often at the very same pumps as E10 gasoline. The only warning you may have is one sticker mixed in with all the other warning labels on the pump. This creates a huge potential for mis-fueling and puts boaters at risk of using fuel that will damage their engines. CLICK HERE for more information on E15 and the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Thanks for taking action to let EPA hear how you care about the ethanol level in the fuel you buy for your boat engine. Help us out and please FORWARD TO A FRIEND.


Margaret B. Podlich

President, BoatU.S.

703-461-2878 x8363