Bill Authorizing Impoundment of Vessel Involved in BUI and Death Passes First Committee

Legislation providing another tool to law enforcement for vessels involved in boating under the influence passed its first legislative committee this week.

SB 393 [Stone] would authorize a court to order the impoundment of a vessel for up to 30 days, if the registered owner is convicted of a crime involving the operation of a vessel while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, any drug, or the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and any drug and the conduct resulted in the unlawful killing of a person.

SB 393 was taken up in the Senate Public Safety Committee, was placed on the committee’s consent calendar, and passed committee with a unanimous bipartisan vote.

RBOC Lobbies State Legislators on 2019 Boating Issues

Recreational Boaters of California [RBOC] held its annual legislative day in Sacramento on February 27, with attendees visiting and advocating on the 2019 state legislation in more than 40 meetings in the offices of Senators and Assembly Members in the State Capitol.

Constituent and issue-specific meetings with state legislators covered an array of policy issues directly impacting boaters including:

  • State Parks Reorganization Plan

  • Boater Funds Dedicated to Boater Programs

  • Regulatory Overreach [BCDC]

  • Copper-based Anti-fouling Paints

  • Boating and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta [California WaterFix]

  • Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation – AB 1111 [Friedman]

  • Statutory Definition of Boat Operator – AB 1183 [Ramos]

  • Vessel Impoundment – BUI – SB 393 [Stone]

  • Boater Rights Aboard Their Vessels – AB 1718 [Levine] and SB 8 [Glazer]

  • Chemical Toilet Deodorants – SB 317 [Caballero]

  • 12-Month Fishing Licenses – AB 1227 [Obernolte] and AB 1387 [Wood]

For the Boater Issue Update on these issues: click here

RBOC Leg Day 2019 Picture.JPG

Assembly Fiscal Committee Places Vessel Impoundment Bill "On Suspense"

The Assembly Appropriations Committee today placed AB 2175 [Aguiar-Curry] "on suspense" until it determines whether there is sufficient state monies to cover the projected state costs associated with its implementation.

AB 2175 is the RBOC-supported measure that would enhance boating safety by clarifying law enforcement’s ability to remove and store vessels under specified circumstances.

The bill would allow peace officers and harbor patrol officers to remove a vessel from public property when the officer has probable cause to believe that the vessel was used as the means of committing a crime and when the officers believe that the vessel is itself evidence, or that the vessel contains evidence which cannot easily be removed.

Today, the bill was placed “on suspense” as anticipated due to the projected state fiscal impact:: "Unknown, potentially significant costs (various funds) for the California Department of Fish and Game and the Department of Parks and Recreation for towing and impoundment costs. Costs are likely to be in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, potentially exceeding $150,000."

The committee will decide just prior to the Memorial Day Weekend whether this and the numerous other measures placed on suspense will pass through the Appropriations Committee an on to the Floor for consideration.

The measure is sponsored by the California State Sheriffs' Association.