RBOC Urges Governor to Sign Vessel Operator Definition Fix

RBOC is urging Governor Gavin Newsom to sign into law AB 1183 [Ramos], legislation that would enhance safety on the state’s waterways by clarifying that an adult is responsible for supervising the children he or she allows to operate the vessel.

RBOC supports the provisions of AB 1183 that would revise the definition of “operator” of a vessel to mean the person aboard a vessel who meets any of the following:

  • Is steering the vessel while underway;

  • Is responsible for the operation of the vessel while underway; or

  • Is at least 18 years of age and is attentive and supervising the operation of the vessel by a person 12, 13, 14, or 15 years of age.

AB 1183 is sponsored by the California State Sheriffs Association.

RBOC Lobbies State Legislators on 2019 Boating Issues

Recreational Boaters of California [RBOC] held its annual legislative day in Sacramento on February 27, with attendees visiting and advocating on the 2019 state legislation in more than 40 meetings in the offices of Senators and Assembly Members in the State Capitol.

Constituent and issue-specific meetings with state legislators covered an array of policy issues directly impacting boaters including:

  • State Parks Reorganization Plan

  • Boater Funds Dedicated to Boater Programs

  • Regulatory Overreach [BCDC]

  • Copper-based Anti-fouling Paints

  • Boating and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta [California WaterFix]

  • Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation – AB 1111 [Friedman]

  • Statutory Definition of Boat Operator – AB 1183 [Ramos]

  • Vessel Impoundment – BUI – SB 393 [Stone]

  • Boater Rights Aboard Their Vessels – AB 1718 [Levine] and SB 8 [Glazer]

  • Chemical Toilet Deodorants – SB 317 [Caballero]

  • 12-Month Fishing Licenses – AB 1227 [Obernolte] and AB 1387 [Wood]

For the Boater Issue Update on these issues: click here

RBOC Leg Day 2019 Picture.JPG