RBOC President Ray Durazo Presents at California Boating Congress

At the 4th Annual California Boating Congress, RBOC President Ray Durazo presented the concerns of the boating community with the overreaching enforcement efforts of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission [BCDC]. 

As explained by President Durazo, the organization is supporting the timely completion and publication of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee’s audit of BCDC that is investigating the commission’s enforcement activities, adherence to its mission, funding and operational needs and structure.

In addition, RBOC is advocating for a revision to BCDC’s statutory charter to recognize, protect and enhance recreational boating, and to reflect the structure of the Coastal Commission regarding the number and appointment of commissioners.

RBOC was a proud co-host of this year’s California Boating Congress.


RBOC Elects Ray Durazo as 2019 President

The Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC), the statewide non-profit boater advocacy organization based in Sacramento, announced the election of a new president, Ray Durazo of Half Moon Bay.  Mr. Durazo succeeds the group’s 2018 president, John Marshall of Newport Beach.  Also elected to office for 2019 are Vice President - South Dan Hodge of Newport Beach, and Vice President – North Paul Clausen of Orangevale.

“I’m proud and excited to be leading this strong and effective organization in the coming year,” said Durazo.  “I encourage boaters and members of clubs throughout California to learn more about RBOC. You can do so at the organization’s website www.RBOC.org.”

Mr. Durazo has extensive experience in government relations and public policy.  Since 1970 he has worked in that capacity for trade associations, as a senior vice president for a major international consulting firm in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, and as owner and operator of Durazo Communications, a public relations firm headquartered in Los Angeles.  He is a Fellow of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

He is an accomplished blue-water sailor, having sailed in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in the United States and in Mexico and the British Virgin Islands.  He has served as Commodore of the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club in Northern California and has been active in the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA).  In addition, he is currently serving on the Boat U.S. National Advisory Council.

Mr. Durazo resides with his wife in Half Moon Bay, California.

RBOC works to protect and enhance the interests of the state’s recreational boaters before the legislative and executive branches of state and local government.  In 2019, RBOC is celebrating its 51st anniversary.

RBOC Testifies in Support of Westpoint Harbor at the BCDC

RBOC  continues its advocacy efforts in support of Westpoint Harbor, with Vice President - North Ray Durazo testifying at today's hearing of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission [BCDC].

The BCDC action today sent the proposed cease and desist order back to the Enforcement Committee for further review and deliberation.

Mr. Durazo's testimony: 

My name is Ray Durazo and I am Vice President – North of the Recreational Boaters of California, RBOC.

RBOC is the nonprofit governmental advocacy organization that works to protect and enhance the interests of the state's 3 million recreational boaters before the legislative and executive branches of state and local government.  RBOC was formed as a statewide organization fifty years ago and from that date forward has continued its commitment to promoting the enjoyment, protection, and responsible use of our waterways.

RBOC strongly urges the Commission to reject the proposed cease and desist order with regard to Westpoint Harbor.

BCDC’s approach towards the harbor does not further the commission as a national model, does not encourage the responsible and productive use of the Bay’s resources, and does not enable all of the Bay’s communities to flourish.

The claimed violations all suffer from one or more of deficiencies that have been well-documented by the harbor, as well as our November 15, 2017 letter.

The BCDC actions will act as a powerful deterrent to future generations interested in investing and serving recreational boating in the Bay in areas under BCDC jurisdiction. This will be to the detriment of the Bay as boating in California is a $7 billion annual economic engine.

RBOC’s concerns with BCDC’s actions towards the harbor are exacerbated when considered in the context of the commission’s similar enforcement actions against Scott’s restaurant in Jack London Square, and against Sweeny’s duck club in the Delta.

Taken together, the pattern is alarming to the boating community and has also led a County Superior Court judge in a recent case to opine that BCDC enforcement had exceeded its jurisdiction, had inflicted excessive fines, and had displayed vindictive prosecution.

Taken together, the pattern leads the community to have the strong impression that the commission enforcement staff is operating on its own and making important decisions that properly reside with the commissioners.

These issues need to be addressed in a timely manner, and RBOC urges the California State Legislature and State Auditor to investigate the BCDC enforcement actions including the exorbitant fines that are being imposed. It is critical that an independent, fair, objective, knowledgeable and transparent review be conducted.

RBOC has held meetings in the State Capitol with our elected officials regarding the Westpoint situation and our request for an audit.  We have found a receptive audience and will continue to push forward in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for your attention and consideration of our position.