State Proceeding with One Temporary Drought Emergency Delta Barrier for 2015 - Info for Boaters

As the state Department of Water Resources [DWR] moves forward in 2015 with plans to install one emergency, temporary rock barrier across West False River Slough in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, RBOC continues to engage with the state and is working to inform boaters so they can plan accordingly.

DWR hopes to begin installation of the emergency, temporary barrier on May 8 and to remove it this November.

  • For the DWR notice to boaters with map and information: click here
  • For the DWR press release: click here

RBOC acknowledges and appreciates the dire drought situation - now in its fourth year - that challenges all Californians, and appreciates the need for significant action as called for in the Governor’s April 1 executive order. 

The installation of a temporary rock barrier across West False River Slough is intended to preserve a fresh-water Delta and to sustain the Delta's ecosystem as a supply for drinking water.

Balancing the preservation of recreational opportunities in the Delta while preserving its ecosystem and as a state fresh-water supply is a worthy endeavor.

As boaters find their favorite lakes and reservoirs increasingly being closed to boating because of low water caused by the continuing drought, many will turn to the Delta as a new and enjoyable destination and RBOC stands ready to address their needs for access to boating waterways.

RBOC will continue to be engaged as this action is taken.