RBOC Supporting Inclusion of Liveaboards in Clean Vessel Act Services

RBOC has submitted formal comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, urging USFWS to include live-aboards as recreational vessels for purposes of access to services funded by the Clean Vessel Act [CVA].

RBOC is concerned with the interpretation of the USFWS that recreational vessels used as live-aboards [anchor outs, and houseboats] are not considered recreational vessels by the federal government and are therefore not eligible for use of equipment or services funded by the CVA grant including vessel pump-outs, pump-out boats [mobile boat-to-boat services], pump-out services, or any equipment operated and maintained with CVA grants.

In California, the CVA program has funded construction of hundreds of vessel pump-outs, most of which are used by both pleasure vessels and live-aboards.

RBOC is concerned that the USFWS interpretation does not allow live-aboards to use the CVA funded equipment [vessel pump-outs] or allow CVA funded pump-out boats or services.  The exclusion of recreational vessels used as live-aboards could have a significantly negative impact on water quality and would be detrimental to the objectives of the CVA. 

The USFWS regulatory proceeding is Docket Number FWS–R9–WSR–2015–0006.