2017 Working Committees

Executive Committee

Peter Robertson, John Marshall, Ray Durazo, Ralph Longfellow, Otis Brock

State Legislation & Regulations Committee

Greg Gibeson (Chair), Karen Rhyne, Peter Robertson, Walt Vance, Debrenia Madison Smith, Ralph Longfellow, Ray Durazo


National Governmental Affairs Committee

David Kennedy (BoatUS), Peter Robertson


Regional Affairs & Issues

Vessel Operator Certification 
Greg Gibeson (Chair), Lenora Clark, Dan Hodge

Lenora Clark, Jack Michael, Peter Robertson, Walt Vance, Maggie Sabovich

Anti-fouling Surfaces
Cleve Hardaker, Walt Vance, Ralph Longfellow, Mark Rinkel

California Clean Boating Network
Walt Vance, Maggie Sabovich

Coastal Marina Permit
Debrenia Madison-Smith, Lenora Clark, Greg Gibeson, Karen Rhyne, Ralph Longfellow, Cleve Hardaker

Channel Islands / Ventura
Jamie Clark, John Praiswater

San Francisco Bay
Walt Vance, Greg Gibeson, Mark Rinkel

Greg Gibeson 

Santa Monica Bay
Anne Sacks


Communications & Outreach Committee

Anne Sacks(Chair),Ray Durazo, Ralph Longfellow,Lenora Clark, Dan Hodge, Jamie Clark, Walt Vance, Mark Rinkel, Cleve Hardaker, John Marshall


Bylaws, Protocol, Policy / Procedures Manual & Orientation Committee

Debrenia Madison Smith (Chair), Ralph Longfellow, John Praiswater


Transportation Committee

John Marshall (Chair), Walt Vance,Jack Michael, Ralph Longfellow

Invasive Species
Ralph Longfellow, Maggie Sabovich

Alternative Fuels
Jack Michael, Peter Robertson

Dana Point
Dan Hodge

Long Beach \ Los Angeles Harbor
John Marshall

Karen Rhyne, John Marshall

Debrenia Madison Smith, Jamie Clark, Karen Rhyne

Marine Life Protection Areas
Ray Durazo        
Northern California
Debrenia Madison Smith, Ray Durazo
Southern California
Karen Rhyne, Jamie Clark

San Diego Bay
Ralph Longfellow, Cleve Hardaker


Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Committee

Lenora Clark


Audit & Insurance Committee

Ralph Longfellow (Chair), Greg Gibeson, Otis Brock


Past President’s Liaison Committee

Anne Sacks

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